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Wherever you live and whatever your pursuit, most of us aspire to start their own business and become independent. Today more and more do as solo and indie makers, on their own, in some cases remotely as digital nomads and usually self-funded. My weekly newsletter provides useful insights for Makers, Solopreneuers, Startups and small business owners, helping you to generate new ideas and hopefully providing inspiration to build, launch and grow your project. Here is what some on twitter are saying about my newsletter:

Jens Lennartsson
This is a great format for a newsletter! Like a @MorningBrew but with twitter news! Subscribed!

Love what he's doing with springup.news… I am a fan of his prolific consistency and high-quality coverage of makers/nocoders.

Sharath Kuruganty
I have been waiting for someone to write all things about no-code in a way that is easy to consume, have takeaways and more importantly feature the best no-code news. And today I found Springup Stories by @stromeyerco

Paul Metcalfe
Followed @stromeyerco earlier - he has an awesome newsletter over at springup.substack.com. It’s a selection of the days tweets about indie makers building stuff Really well curated 👍

Pierre Tillement
SpringUp Stories by @stromeyerco 🤩 One of the best newsletter for makers out there with awesome content! Clemens rarely misses the opportunity to get makers in the spotlight and share what they are building.

About Me

In 1998 I landed my first job in M&A at a leading investment bank in London.

But after 2 years, I knew that life wasn’t for me.

So, I took a leap of faith and left the safety and security of the corporate world.

In 2000, I traveled to Munich and joined an internet startup, where the Founder & CEO placed trust in me and made me CFO after a few months. This was my first taste of entrepreneurship, and I loved it.

I learned how to create something from nothing, how to work with a team to build a product, and how to take calculated risks. Since then, I have never looked back.

Over the past 20 years, I have helped launch and manage startups in retail, eCommerce, online media, web3, crowdfunding, private equity, and real estate, raising over $25M in venture capital and debt.

Some had success, some not, but each one has taught me valuable lessons that have compounded over time.

Now, my mission is to leverage my experience across operations management, digital strategy, product development, finance, and compliance to help others launch and grow their projects, efficiently and effectively.

My Highlights:

  • Led fundraising & restructuring of online media startup, ultimately sold to Microsoft @ $486m.

  • Acquired, restructured & scaled distressed niche luxury brand. Sold to PE for 8x EBITDA.

  • Completed the first FCA compliant digital securities offering for equity open to retail investors.

  • Secured £330k grant from Innovate UK to develop digital investment platform using blockchain.

  • Co-founded the Oxford Blockchain Foundation, with 160 founding members & 2,500 supporters.

As you can tell, I love building and launching things. It’s a rollercoaster ride (especially retail) with massive thrills as well as challenges, setbacks, and anxieties. Just to get started, you need to overcome that inner demon and stop procrastinating! But it’s worth it. Paul Graham's premise to “make something people want” always applies, but the following quote from @levelsio book Make sums it up brilliantly:

The most important message that I can give you in your future path of building products, or even the rest of your life, is to take action. Taking action is the scariest, most difficult part of life.

It's also your biggest competitive advantage. Why? Because most people don't.

I hope the links, news, and resources I collect help inspire you to get off your butt, take action and craft and launch the great product you’ve been thinking of.

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