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This is the #86 issue of SpringUp Stories, which I have published every weekday since its launch on 8th April. Firstly, let me thank all my readers and the Maker community for their consistent support and feedback these past few months. It’s been an amazing ride, with so many learnings and I am excited about the journey ahead. I’ll be taking time out these coming weeks, to regenerate and work on a new productized service which I will #buildinpublic. For this reason and to give your mailboxes a rest, I’ll be sending you one newsletter every Monday morning until September. After that, I’ll be back in full force, but perhaps with a slightly adapted format. But the goal will be the same, to provide you with valuable and actionable insights from Makers, Founders and the NoCode community. I wish you all a wonderful August!

🚀 Maker News

Google Sitelinks

Sitelinks on a Google SERP can increase click-through rates by over 60%. But as they are algorithmically created, you cannot create them yourself. But you can influence it. Indie Hackers lists a number of tips. These include building a logical hierarchy into your site structure, adding a sitemap to the Google search console, using structured data, having informative anchor and alt texts and making sure your articles have headings. Learn more and read the full post.


Insightful thread by baz on productivity. He explains that productivity should be “self-nourishing, rather than self-destructive. It doesn't deplete over time. Instead, each iteration cycle brings its own improvements.” But moreover “productivity is subjective and personal. It is not measured the exact same way from one person to another, but it rests on the same needs - namely, self-actualization, esteem, and love and belonging.” Read the full thread.

Building Brands

Pomp sites down with Web for a 56-minute conversation. “The conversation builds around the importance of customer acquisition on the journey of building brands, and the order of operations for those who are looking to leverage and maximize. From the perspective of both an investor and content creator, Pomp dives into the synergy between his creative and business processes.” If you have time a very worthwhile listen. Listen to the recording.

Google Search Results

Ahrefs shares a great interactive guide on how to get to the top of the Google search results using paid ads, local SEO, snippets or organic SEO. Read the post.


💭 Afterthought

To finish the day, an insightful quote by James Clear. Simply summarised, nearly anybody can be the best at anything, as long as they are consistent and focused on that goal. The problem seems to be that hardly anybody is. Take care and see you next Monday!

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