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If you follow KP, you’ll know he’s not only a prolific maker and no-coder but also a leading voice of #buildinpublic. And he’s just accepted a brilliant job as Programme Director of NoCode at On Deck. Congrats!!! The amazing thing about him winning this position was the process. When he was ready, he opened himself up to the job market in public, applied in public and ultimately accepted the offer in public. Both Brandon Zhang in his latest newsletter and Whit Anderson in a Twitter thread share some great insights on his journey.

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Newsletter Strategy

Welcome back, everyone! Kicking off today with a short thread by Paul Metcalfe with some insights on how to build a profitable newsletter. Six months ago, inspired by the My First Million podcast, Lotanna Ezeike started a niche newsletter. He set up a Substack and found a writer to create one story per month for £250. Subscriptions began at £5, but grew to £50 per month, achieving £6k per month. Last month he sold it for £75k. Read the whole thread to learn more.

Compelling Writing

Scott Domes has written a useful thread compiling a selection of different resources from well-know creators on what the secret to compelling writing is. Many helpful insights for all newsletter publishers. Read the full thread.

NoCode Build Tips

Jens Lennartsson shares some great marketing tips on what to look out for before and after you have built your NoCode product. Read the thread.


💭 Afterthought

To finish the day, I found this great piece of advice by Anthony Diké on how to improve your work spirit when doing boring tasks. Take care and see you tomorrow!

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