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We begin Friday with another brilliant Superorganizers post by Dan Shipper, this time on the talented Ali Abdaal. Not only is Ali a practising doctor, but he’s also built a productivity YouTube channel with over 1M subscribers. He’s just begun a sabbatical from medicine to spend more time on this work as well as his podcast, email newsletter, and blog. In this post, he gives a brilliant review of his workflow when developing and building a video using tools such as Notion, Things, Drafts and Roam Research. He also practices Tiago Forte’s Building a Second Brain methodology. Great insights for anyone wanting to improve their productivity. Read the full newsletter.

🚀 Maker News

Webflow Directory

Many of us know Mackenzie Child and the helpful tutorials he’s built for Webflow. He’s now launched flowmingo, a curated directory of Webflow training courses, mini projects and templates to help you build websites with NoCode. Visit website.

Hero Images

Continuing with NoCode, I found this tweet by NoCodeDevs sharing a helpful post from Webflow on how to choose the right hero image for your website. Written by Jill Evans from Pexels, it explores the function of a hero image, where to find hero images and how to select the right one for your goal. Read the full post.

NoCode Web Apps

For any novice Maker or NoCoder thinking of building a web app, NoCode platform Bubble shares a great post on the basics. They explain what a web app is and the different ways you could build one. They also provide a 10 step rundown on how to start making one with NoCode, from having an idea, thinking of features, drafting your MVP and designing the app. Read the full post to learn more.


💭 Afterthought

To finish off the week, a podcast to bookmark. Today at 12:00 PT, Li Jin will be speaking with Joseph Cohen from Universe and Nathan Baschez about “website builders, low-end/new market disruption, and creativity on the internet.” It case you don’t know it, Universe is a mobile-only, NoCode website builder. Register here.

Take care everyone and see you next week.

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