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We kick off today with some great insights by product guru Shreyas Doshi (Stripe, Twitter, Google) on his 15 principles of product work. Principle #9 patrticularily caught my eye. It lists the three most valuable questions you sgould regularly ask about your product: 1) Is it serving an implicit or explicit user need very well? 2) Is it differentiated enough? 3) Is the market large-enough (or will it be) so you can meet your business goals? Read the full thread to learn more about the other 14 principles.

🚀 Maker News

Self-Hosted Substack

Are you publishing or about to launch a newsletter? Looking for an alternative self-hosted setup to your Substack? Below, Maker Dan Rowden explains how it can be done using Ghost and other tools. Read his post to learn more.

Investment Decisisons

Immad, CEO and founder of Mercury Bank, explains that “subjective factors are actually the core of investor decision making and one of the reasons investors have a hard time answering why they said no to a startup.” So make sure you are helping potential investors answer their questions. Read the full thread to learn more.

eCommerce Platforms

Looking for an eCommere platform to build your store on? Thierry Maout shares a useful post by Integromat that reviews the most popular and relevant platforms in 2020 to help you make the right choice for your business needs. Learn more.


💭 Afterthought

A great tweet by Jack Butcher. Although such a small amount, it will have a giant influence on your life as a Maker. So take action and ship! Take care and see you tomorrow!

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