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We begin today with a story by Dani Mancini, who turned her passion project into a business using NoCode tools such as Webflow. She built her content service in one weekend and by the end of the next week had generated over $2k in revenue. To learn more watch the video or read her post.

🚀 Maker News

NoCode Examples

NoCodeDevs shares a great post by Bubble, providing real-life examples of NoCode applications. These include marketplaces, social networks, booking apps, finance tools, community sites, food delivery services, job boards and more. Read the post and be inspired to take action.

NoCode Billing

Servicebot, an embeddable UI toolkit for Stripe billing, has just launched on Product Hunt and announced the release of their new NoCode billing pages. This includes a new dashboard and an intuitive UX to get your entire billing workflow setup in less than a day. You can currently integrate Servicebot with Bubble and WordPress, but Webflow and Carrd are soon to follow. Great tool for any maker building a micro-SaaS or offering digital services. Visit their website.

NoCode Membership

Memberstack, one of my favourite NoCode membership tools, has provided us with a product update. You can now require a credit card for free trials and add expiration dates for your coupons. They have also added a direct integration with Integromat for you automation workflows. Read the full thread.


💭 Afterthought

To finish the week, some great words from James Clear for all aspiring creators. I would say David Perell’s story of becoming a writer is a brilliant reflection of this truth. Take care and see you tomorrow.

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