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We’ve all experienced imposter syndrome and the effects it can have on our work and mental well being. Learning how to recognise the triggers can help fight it off. Angela Mchuno has written a great post for Better Programming describing six triggers to look out for. These include unrealistic deadlines, micromanagement, long drawn out task and sprint planning. She concludes that “one of the ways to combat imposter syndrome is by looking at the facts of what you have achieved so far in your career,” as usually there will be no evidence to support your anxieties. Read the full post.

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Insightful post on solopreneurship by Brett Williams on Indie Hackers. His productized service launched three years ago has just reached $400k in revenue. After realising that selling a business dependent on him was difficult, he decided to re-focus on his work. He updated his sample work page, streamlined his plan options, re-evaluated app integrations for his Webflow site and introduced power-ups. Indie Hackers and provide his biggest sources of traffic. Read the full post to learn more.

Product-Market Fit

Following yesterday’s tweet on product-market fit, Lenny Rachitsky shares more valuable insights in his latest free newsletter. This time he looks at how 25 of today's leading companies realised they had found PMF. Three common signs include a “sudden and significant pull from the market”, a “gradual but compounding pull from the market” or “hitting a meaningful milestone that proves the idea is working.” Read the full thread to learn more or read the newsletter.

Notion Toolbox

Do you enjoy using Notion? Valentin Geffroy has just launched Notion Toolbox. It contains 16 free and paid tools covering categories such as custom websites, charts, forms, presentations, icons and widgets. Read the full thread to learn more.

Blogs vs Newsletter

In their latest podcast, Newsletter Crew speaks with Casey Botticello of the Blogging Guide about blogging versus newsletters, open rates, and including paid conversions on Substack. View the thread for show notes and insights or listen to the podcast.


💭 Afterthought

We finish off today, with a great tweet by Kyle Prinsloo, who provides his 80/20 blueprint to becoming a freelancer. He lists the minimum skills and requirements needed + places to learn them so you can take action and ship!

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