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Good morning! Stumbled upon this tweet by Adrian Alfieri and I feel like this relates to my current mindset more and more. It’s amazing how times changing our dreams!

Now on to some helpful tips by HaKr. In a recent thread, he listed some bad habits Makers tend to nurture when launching and building products. These include having second thoughts, losing interest after the honeymoon period, the usual imposter syndrome, and not knowing when to move on. As Justin Jackson says “sitting in a pond waiting for a big wave won't do you any good!” If you catch yourself thinking any of the above, give yourself a good shake and persevere. Read the full thread.

🚀 Maker News


In addition to a whopping $185 million Series D funding round, Airtable has just announced its new platform that will allow you to create fully customised apps. Previously you could customise Airtable using Blocks. With Airtable Apps, you will now be able to “create applications with the precise functionality and design you want.” In addition, Airtable Automations will allow teams to build logic and automate their work, whether these are “complex workflows involving multiple interrelated steps or just a simple set of tasks.” Lastly, there’s Airtable Sync with which you can “build a collaborative network around your organisation’s data.” This will also allow teams to “have better visibility into the information they need to do their jobs.” I’m sure Zapier is reading this with great interest. Read the full post.

Finding an Audience

Bootstrapper Arvid Kahl, author of Zero to Sold (required reading), has written a Medium post that provides a step-by-step guide on how to find the perfect audience to launch a startup for. This data-driven approach to finding an audience that you can serve with your business covers the following steps: awareness, affinity, opportunity, appreciation and size. The guide also shows you how to “find inspiration in your own life, in your network, and how to start validating that audience from the beginning.” Read the full post to learn more.

Taking the Leap

Corey Haines is leaving his job at Baremetrics to focus full-time on his new venture swipefiles.co. Many of us followed his journey over the past few months around how he built his website using Webflow and other NoCode tools (watch here). In addition, he wants to launch some new projects, do some consulting and write more by sharing his experiences on his entrepreneurial journey. My tip is to make consistency your number one habit in everything you do (as well as to avoid the bad habits listed above)! Congrats on your decision Corey and best of success! Read the full thread.

Product Hunt Launches

Last Friday Paul Metcalfe launched Letterstack on Product Hunt and it made 🥇 Product of the Day. Congrats! In his Indie Hackers post, Paul looks at what helped him get to #1 and what the learnings from this are. These include launching a product in a trending market (newsletters), growing a network on social media as well as being active in other relevant communities. Learn more by reading the full post.

Design Lessons

Mark Bowley recently launched Tiny Design Lessons. These bite-sized tips help NoCode makers learn more about visual and usability design principles. The first two lessons on Twitter cover visual consistency and text column width. Visit the website to learn more - built using Carrd.


💭 Afterthought

To finish the day, a poignant tweet by Justin Jackson on what you should focus on when researching your product and market. Do people need this to solve a problem and are they willing to spend money for it? Take care everyone and see you tomorrow!

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