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We kick off with a great post by Anne-Laure le Cunff from Ness Labs, this time on “the power of flexible consistency”. She points out that “the problem with rigid consistency is that it does not reflect the way life works.” Life can be chaotic and things can go wrong. For Anne-Laure, flexible consistency is a mindset. “Instead of having an all-or-nothing approach to life” it offers “a set of principles to bounce back and keep on making progress.” She believes that one of the best tools to achieve this is mindful time-blocking, where blocks are not deleted but ideally adjusted by moving them or making them shorter. She succinctly concludes that “long-term success is not a result of being perfect all the time” but is much more “the result of showing up consistently” and that is “only possible if we accept the inherent chaos of life.” To learn more read the full post.

🚀 Maker News

Bear Markets

Alex Lieberman has spent the past few years building the successful daily newsletter Morning Brew. The company is now confronted with its first bear market and Alex, as one of the co-founders, shares what he’s learnt so far:

  • Nothing else matters beyond your product and customer;

  • Overcommunicate with your team; and

  • Learn to do more with less.

He concludes that ultimately it has forced them “to get smarter & more efficient” in how they grow. Read the full thread to learn more.

Building in Public

KP has written a great post, listing the pros & cons of building in public, by presenting the views of a number of well-known makers, bootstrappers and creators. Learn more.

Local Newsletters

Some great insights on the opportunity of local journalism and paid newsletters. Web Smith and Alex Lieberman share their comments below.


💭 Afterthought

To finish the day, creator Brandon Zhang shares his insights on successfully building an audience. Being yourself is the biggest premise for in my opinion. If you need to change who you are, it’s not only going to be tough, but also unenjoyable. And this will lead to inconsistency. Take care and see you tomorrow!

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