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“The best conversations make your ideas better and feel magical” and “the worst conversations make all thoughts blurry and leave you pessimistic.” In his latest post, Harj Taggar shares his thoughts on the importance of who you talk to about your idea, as these “will have a long-lasting effect on you. You'll keep simulating conversations with them in your head as you mull over ideas alone." Harj continues that “making bad conversations your default could permanently wreck your ability to have good ideas.” For a conversation around ideas to be good, both sides must share the same motive, “finding the truth.” This often doesn’t happen, as we try to protect relationships with people we care about or because we like to make the others feel good. Other reasons include people who want to win their argument at any cost or those who want to be around you as you believe the same things they do. To improve “start paying more attention to the types of conversations you're having” and “be picky about who you discuss ideas with.” Read the full post.

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July 28, 2020

🥇 Previewed: Beautiful mockups & graphics for your next app.
🥈 SimpleOps: Keep your websites up and never lose customers.
🥉 Youpendo: Spread positivity & connect with people around the world.

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NoCode Writing Stack

In a longer thread, Luke Marshall shares what he’s been passionate about in 2020: Writing and NoCode. For the writing, he’s been following non-other than David Perell. Of particular value has been David’s explanation of The Capture Habit (see below) in his recent video How to Write Online. From this and using his NoCode knowledge, Luke explains his method for capturing research and ideas. He picks up relevant notes with apps such as @gmail, @Pocket, @evernote and @goodreads. Then he passes data between the different platforms and his @airtable database using @zapier automation. Read more about Luke’s productivity writing stack here.

Source: How to Write Online with David Perell

Lemonade Lessons

Like Alex Lieberman, we are all guilty of overcomplicating things. To simplify, he suggests we view digital media like a lemonade business. First, IP is critical, so we should source the best lemons in the world as inputs determine outputs. Second, learn to repurpose. Make sure you get every drop from your lemons before buying more as “less squeeze = less juice = less customers = less money.” Third, when your lemonade business takes off and you want to go big, make sure you understand all the trade-offs between “Make vs Buy vs Partner.” Lastly, own your audience! Read the full thread.

Biz for Great Domains

In a recent Tweet, Peter Askew names three business categories you should look at when building on great domains. These are 1) Curated directories/marketplaces, 2) Job boards and 3) Niche products/services. Why these? 1) They can all be managed by a small team or solopreneur, 2) They have better than average profit margins and 3) They can be built by a learning coder or IMO a NoCoder. For example, Peter built and sold the directory You can read more about this story on his website or view the Tweet with the ensuing responses.


💭 Afterthought

To finish the day, an insightful Twitter thread by Shane Parrish on the three things he learnt from his uncle, who owned a small business. 1) Use money to create wealth, 2) Time has an opportunity cost so price it accordingly and 3) Honesty always wins in the long run. Read the full thread. Take care and see you tomorrow!

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