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Sorry, was out of action yesterday and might be a little inconsistent in the coming days due to a heavy cold. So please please bear with me! Now on to the news. Marie Dollé shared another brilliant newsletter with us this week, on the new class of influencers which are taking off and which she terms as “Celebrity Thinkers.” The more common lifestyle influencers who use social media are now being joined by “influencers in more business and intellectual spheres,” who use tools such as Substack or Gumroad. She goes on to explain the favourable context of this growth, such as the economic crisis, weaknesses in the education system and the rise of the passion economy. Moreover, new trends and concepts are impacting brand and consumer strategies, such as the growing #buildinpublic movement. Read the full newsletter to learn more.

🚀 Maker News


Last Sunday, Dru Riley published his latest Trends Report, this time on the topic of Micro-SaaS businesses. Kieran has now summarised a number of different routes, how Makers found a problem and built their micro-SaaS around it:

  • The solve-your-own-problem route;

  • The immersion route;

  • The freelancer route;

  • The agency route; and

  • The audience-first route;

As Kieran points out “there are opportunities for niche micro-SaaS everywhere” and it’s possible to build many of these using NoCode tools such as Bubble, Adalo or bildrHQ. Read the full thread here. If you would like to learn more, it’s also worth reading the Micro-SaaS Ebook by Tyler Tringas or purchasing the Trends Pro Report.

Landing Page Iteration

Andrey Azimov shares his process on how he designed the new landing page for Sheet2Site. He shows us how through multiple iterations it's possible to design something which can look quite good, even if you have no design skills. But more importantly, each change should be A/B tested, because what looks good to you may look unappealing to others and decrease your conversion rate. Read the full thread.


Another in-depth thread by Justin Jackson, where he clarifies his phrase “go after a market with strong demand.” Below some excerpts I found valuable:

  • Market = Sum of Demand.

  • Before you build a product, look for evidence of demand.

  • Is there a willingness to pay for your product?

  • Market with demand ≠ Popular or easy market.

  • Look for demonstrated demand (not easy to spot).

  • Look for momentum that's building, not a wave that's cresting.

Read the full thread to learn more.


💭 Afterthought

With the continuing desire for privacy, Matt Ha shares a number of privacy-focused alternatives to Google Analytics. I myself have used Plausible Analytics and loved it - easy to set up and use and conveys the core metrics I am looking for. Take care and see you tomorrow!

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