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Hope you all had a great weekend! We begin with Anne-Laure Le Cunff, a prolific Maker who writes three articles a week for her newsletter and has grown an audience of over 14,000 subscribers. This year alone she will publish over 200 pieces of work. With Ness Labs has built a community and content hub around a system she calls “Mindful Productivity.” In his latest Superorganizers newsletter, Dan Shipper speaks with her to learn more about her productivity stack. Having suffered two burnouts, Anne-Laure has learned to approach productivity in a calmer way. She uses a “plus, minus, next” format to help her review her week, and combines this with a simple planing method: “Every Sunday night, she writes out a single Post-It note with three goals to accomplish for the week.” Read the full newsletter to learn more.

😺 Product Hunt Update

July 26, 2020

🥇 Mozilla VPN: A VPN from the trusted pioneer in internet privacy.
🥈 Device Shots: Generate high-resolution device mockups using a screenshot.
🥉 Cappuccino: A daily personal audio show featuring your friends.

July 25, 2020

🥇 Whiteborb: A free mobile-friendly shared whiteboard.
🥈 Shoelace 2.0: A forward-thinking library of web components.
🥉 Freddy Feedback: A feedback tool done differently.

July 24, 2020

🥇 Magic Sky Camera: Remix the sky in your pictures with millions of gifs.
🥈 Listy Beta: The things you love, privately saved and beautifully listed.
🥉 Barchartrace: Bar chart race generator.


🚀 Maker News

Founder Resources

Steve Schlafman and Rishi Tripathy have curated an amazing array of free resources for founders to help them you on their entrepreneurial journey. The High Output Founders Library portal contains tactical and practical advice, lessons, templates, and resources on anything from hiring to fundraising to mental health. View and duplicate the Notion Doc here.

Social Media Strategy

When Matthew Kobach started at Fast, he promised to share his social media strategy in real-time. Here The overarching goal is to “increase impressions by maintaining a consistent posting schedule,” as social media rewards proficiency. “We need to post, and we need to post often.” To achieve this one needs to “create content that is interesting to consume, while still relevant to our product.” Through a number of examples, Matthew shows how this is done by “ leveraging the brands and products” that Fast’s followers already love. Finally, “Twitter rewards quick wit” so he will try to join relevant trends quickly. Read the full thread to learn more.

Atomic Habits

James Clear wrote that “habits are the compound interest of self-improvement.” Want to learn more about his book Atomic Habits? In a recent short Twitter thread, Sipreads has summarised how to build good habits and break bad ones: 1) Make the habit obvious, 2) Make the habit attractive, 3) Make the habit easy and 4) Make the habit satisfying. Read the full thread.


💭 Afterthought

To finish the day, a tweet by Adam Ceresko on Imposter Syndrome. If you are growing, it will always be present. In the beginning, the loop will be long, but with practice, you learn to shorten and to become one with it. Adam advises mentoring as a way to shorten the loops. Take care and see you tomorrow!

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