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We kick off with a brilliant and very honest post by Alex West, who shares his story and insights from how we went from no idea to $2k MRR in six months. Alex had been working on a number of side projects during University, but none had led to financial success. After starting a job in Milan in January, he realised the 9-5 life was not for him. But he needed a plan. His approach was shaped by 3 books, The Alchemist, Atomic Habits and Millionaire Fastlane as well as the insights he was gaining at work. Alex goes on to explain how he made time to focus on his side-projects while working, how he found ideas, launching and all that followed. One useful insight I found was the value of Twitter as a distribution channel for his product. And he wasn’t using it to sell his product, he was just sharing his personal journey, lessons and milestones - he was being himself and building in public. Read the full story to learn more.

🚀 Maker News

Community Creators

Makerpad is offering a free deep-dive on how to run a NoCode low-cost membership community or creator business using tools such as Notion, Gumroad, Memberspace, Circle and Super. Read the full thread or go to the deep-dive.

AMA with Courtland Allen

This is a great AMA by Pioneer with Courtland Allen from Indie Hackers, offering some great insights and tips for all aspiring Makers or NoCoders. Watch here.

Gen Z Report

Tiffany Zhong from Zebra IQ shares the findings from their latest Gen Z Report, highlighting the most important cultural trends and shifts from the last 12 months. Read the full thread or get the report here.


💭 Afterthought

To finish the day, Exploding Topics lists the 21 fastest-growing SEO Tools and methodologies. This contains some useful resources for anyone who wants to expand their SEO knowledge and optimise their website. Read the full thread.

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