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The growing trend and power of NoCode and automation are visible to everyone. Pieter Levels believes startup entrepreneurs should stop focusing on code design. They should try focusing to “become more unique people to get more original ideas”. Moreover, they should start building “a following in whichever way on whatever (new) platform” they want to launch to. In the past, influencers have tried to build products but failed as they lacked the tech and business skills. But with this new tech, “anyone without coding skills can plug together APIs with automated tools.” This will increase their chances of success, especially if they already own an audience. Therefore, Levels advises us to build a following on any platform, as all of them are valuable distribution channels for a future launch. Read the full thread.

😺 Products of the Day

July 22, 2020

🥇 Sitechecker: Toolkit to measure and track website SEO performance.
🥈 KittySpring: Water fountain for even the pickiest cats.
🥉 Polymer VCO: Virtual compliance for your collaboration tools.


🚀 Maker News

Direct Contact

A great article by Eli London for InsideHook on the rise of “the single-operator newsletter”. To begin, email had two primary functions, direct peer-to-peer messaging and business transactions. Recently, a third appeared, “the individually authored, mass-distributed email." Eli calls these “the single-operator newsletter.” They are independent media organisations, founded by entrepreneurs, some of them former journalists. How has this trend come about? First, the technology to start a newsletter is now available to anyone. Platforms such as Substack allow non-technical writers to begin publishing in hours. On top of this comes the current volatility of media organisations. But the “greatest benefit of email to publishers may well be what made it great in the first place: direct contact.” The boom sees no end, with new newsletters continuing to launch daily. Eli then lists 80 of the best newsletters one should follow ranging from business, tech, politics to sports. Read the full post.

Chrome Extension Builder

Gain superpowers on the web with, a NoCode / Low Code Chrome extension builder developed by Kevin Yang, William Hang and James Liu. It allows you to create scrapers to pull people, products and numbers from almost any website as well as build user scripts with or without code to customise the behaviour of any website. It can also create automations to do repetitive tasks. Read the full thread or visit to learn more and join the waitlist. They have also published a Notion Doc to help you learn to automate.

Quality of Life

Stumbled upon the following Tweet by Polina Marinova Pompliano, on the five daily behaviours that improved her quality of life. Very valuable advice! My addition would be to try and maintain a daily such as the 5-minute journal. Among other things, it helps you start the day on a positive footing, reducing anxieties you may have. Have found this extremely helpful for my creativity and productivity.


💭 Afterthought

To finish the day an insightful Tweet by Harry Stebbings. Be grateful for any advice that is shared with you. But remember that it always stems from somebody else’s experiences, that includes their success and failures. And as stated yesterday don’t be afraid to start. Failure facilitates growth and a start is the first step towards progress and success. Take care and see you tomorrow!

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