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We kick off Tuesday with a great post written by Andrew Davison for Capiche on the history of web app automation. It all began with IBM’s WebSphere and Yahoo! Pipes before taking off after 2010. What fueled the boom in automation was the growth of SaaS apps. What started with AWS and Stripe was followed by Google Docs and Microsoft apps. And they all had an API, ready for automation. IFTTT then launched in 2011 and was followed by Zapier, Parabola and Integromat. A number of apps, such as Slack and Airtable have also entered the ring, providing simpler alternatives to the more complex automation platforms. Although these apps offer fewer options, for many these are sufficient. David, an automation expert himself, goes on to explain when you should automate, choosing the right automation platform and finding the best tool for the job. Looking forward, the possibilities automation platforms provide are endless. And “there is a wealth of ideas within those possibilities that can help you capitalise on your company's success.” Read the full post to learn more.

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Dru Riley presents us with another brilliant edition of his Trends Report, this time on the hot topic of NoCode. In the free edition, he presents us with some of the leading NoCode products, tools and founders, with some familiar names. He rightly predicts that those knowing and using NoCode will gain a competitive advantage. It will save them time, money and energy, allowing them “to build (and change) faster and cheaper than competitors.” He goes on to list some NoCode opportunities, key lessons and links for further reading. You can read the full report or purchase the Pro report. If you want to find a great overview of NoCode tools and resources, I recommend tims, built with NoCode by Quentin Villard. Lifetime access costs $29.

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Approaching customer #100 for 🤩🙌 To continue to bring value and thank all those who have supported this project, I've just added 26 new free tools and resources to the database. Here are my 5 favorite #nocode tools included in this update: Thread 👇TIMS - All the best free tools to build your online projectsThe database of 200+ free no-code tools and resources to build, launch, and grow your online

Mobile-First Emails

The latest Indie Hackers Growth Bite points out that “60% of email campaigns are being opened on mobile, and mobile-friendly emails are getting 30% higher click-through rates.” Consequently, one should implement a mobile-first approach when designing email campaigns and newsletters. Learn more.


A succinct tweet and diagram by Lenny Rachitsky on what makes up true product-market-fit. View thread with some great comments and responses.

Content-as-a Service

KP shares his insights into the developing “Content-as-a-Service” model with his “Content-Value Pyramid.” This gives all aspiring newsletter writers an understanding of the value each type of content provides. Moreover, the higher the value, the higher the chance that readers will pay for it. View tweet and comments.


💭 Afterthought

To finish the day, Tejas Rane provides us with a list of 14 income ideas that could pay off your daily expenses! These small side hustles range from selling your photos online to reviewing websites and Apps. Read the full thread. Take care and see you tomorrow!

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