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We’ve all seen the term GPT-3 appear everywhere on social media in recent days. So what’s it all about? Marissa Goldberg has written an excellent thread explaining the “basics around what it is and why you shouldn't be scared of it.” GPT-3 stands for Generative Pre-training Transformer, Version 3. It is an extremely advanced language predictor created by OpenAI. It can be accessed by API, and when given some text “GPT-3 provides back its best guess around what text should follow.” Why is everyone so crazy about it? Firstly, it's the most powerful AI language model that’s been released, and secondly, as it’s currently in closed-access and limited release it has created a hype and FOMO. Marissa shares some cool things people have developed with the tech, such as Figma plugin that designs for you. She doesn’t see the tech as a competitor, but as a tool that can make your work easier. She concludes that we should “embrace the potential and be excited for what else will come.” Read the full thread.

😺 Products of the Day 

July 21, 2020

🥇 ViralStat: All-in-one tool for cross-platform social video analytics.
🥈 Socially Browse Chrome Extension: Comment and rate any website without leaving the page.
🥉 Dev on demand: Your front end developer on demand.


🚀 Maker News

Design Advice

The following video (67 mins) by Garry Tan, former YC partner and co-founder of Initialized Capital is a recommendation by Maker Marc Köhlbrugge. It covers product design, interaction design, and visual design for founders and makers. It explains the fundamentals with practical advice and is helpful for beginners and seasoned designers wanting a quick refresher. Watch Part One below. You can also watch Part One and Part Two (20 mins) on YouTube.

Tasks Automation

Maybe not as sophisticated as GPT-3, but the tasks automation you can implement using tools such as Zapier, Integromat or Parabola can save you time, improve your workflows, and let you be more organized and productive at work. In this first part of two, Martin Etchegaray shares 25 tasks you can automate using Integromat, covering email, eCommerce, CRM, and Calendar tasks. Read the full post.

Landing Pages

Want to launch and need to build a landing page? Don’t spend ages deliberating how and what to do. As Martin Ryden explains in the short video below (19 mins), you can quickly build awesome landing pages using Carrd and one of his base templates. In this example, he uses the UiKit template, which you purchase on Martin’s website.
Just yesterday, KP explained how he built the landing page for his new project Build In Public using Carrd in a couple of hours. Read KP’s thread and ship it!


💭 Afterthought

To finish the day an inspiring tweet by Aodhan Hamilton. There’s is nothing to add, except to emphasize that the NoCode & Maker community is out there to support and help your passion! So don’t be afraid and take action. Take care and see you tomorrow!

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