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We kick off the week with a great post from First Round, written by growth gurus Dan Hockenmaier and Lenny Rachitsky. They share with us their 3-step framework for consumer founders looking to scale customer acquisition. In their view, the three core growth routes compromise performance marketing, virality and content. To decide which route is the right one for your business, you can follow their 3-step framework: Validate, commit and scale. Read the full post with case studies to learn more.

🚀 Maker News


Dickie Bush has summarised the key maker learnings from a conversation between Jack Butcher from Visualize Value and Bilal Zaidi. You can read the thread below or watch the original video.


NoCodeJac shares some useful insights on learning automation. Start with a simple and repeatable automation process and once you are a little more proficient you can start to think about the bigger picture. Read the full thread to learn more.

URL Strategy

Indie Hackers shares another helpful Growth Bite on the length of your website URLs. Keeping them below 70 characters could help your Google ranking as well as increase your click-through rates. Read the full thread to learn more.


💭 Afterthought

To finish the day, Kieran from nocodelife shares his Maker & NoCoder learnings from the past year. His goal for the next 12 months is achieving an MRR of £10k. Take care and see you tomorrow!

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