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Today is issue 💯 of SpringUp Stories 🎉 It’s been an amazing ride since April and I am grateful for the inspired learnings and insights I have gained and been able to share from makers, creators and no-coders from around the world! Thank you also to all my readers and their continued words of support! If these last few months have taught me anything, they are the immense value of community, consistency and taking action. Besides confidence and opportunity, they provide you with a positive mindset and the energy to tackle new challenges. I look forward to the next 100 issues!

We kick off with a great thread by Pomp on the “conflation of luck and randomness.” He points out that “randomness is all around us, but it “makes us uncomfortable to think we have no connection to the things that happen to us.” Consequently, “we use lucky and unlucky as a way to cope with this uncertainty or unexplainable.” If we can learn to separate the two, “you can change your luck by simply changing your mindset.” If you’re positive, you become luckier and if you’re negative, you become unluckier. So, if you change your mind you can change your luck. As Pomp rightly concludes “randomness happens to us all, but luck is how we respond. You're in control.” Read the full thread.

🚀 Maker News

Freelancer Insights

Jake Belford shares a thread on the valuable learnings he’s made from his first three months of freelancing. My value picks include: Start doing what you love, stay focused, share your successes and failures in public and use your time to create. Jake has also started a newsletter on “high-leverage thoughts from high-leverage thinkers.” Read the full thread to learn more.

Side Hustle Success

Discovered this tweet by Justin Vincent, where he shared a valuable graphic from his Nugget Indie Founder Bootcamp. It depicts the most important steps for your side hustle to be a success. View tweet.


Jose Bermejo shares some useful learnings from his sales outreach. Most importantly, don't try to sell your company services or product when first contacting others. “Instead, show can you help as individual person” and “let the flow be natural.” Read the full thread to learn more.

Design Resources

Mark Bowley from Tiny Design Lessons has just launched makerdesign.tools. The site offers over 170 design resources for makers and no-coders. Categories include tutorials, templates, fonts, images and icons. For $15 you’ll get access to the whole Airtable database. By the way, his website is another great example of what you can build with Carrd and how easy it can be to launch a product. Learn more.

Twitter avatar for @markbowleyMark Bowley @markbowley
Excited to launch my first digital product today 🚀
makerdesign.tools is now available to access. 170+ design resources to help indie + #noccode makers bring ideas to life faster & with more impact. 🧰 Easy to search, filter & sort ⏱ Save time & focus on creating


💭 Afterthought

To finish the week and my 100th issue, a great tweet from last year from non-other than James Clear. It’s about taking action. The final sentence says it all: “It will never be easy, but it may also never be easier than it is right now.” As Pomp said above, you’re in control! Take care and see you next week.

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